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Private Investigation

Private Security Services

Serving Northern California

Looking for Private Security Services or Private Investigation?

ZAP provides both.

Need a security guard or patrol service?
Read about our Private Security Services

Need a background check or to locate a missing person?
Read about our Private Investigation Services

Meet Tony Berry, owner and founder of Zap Investigations.

Private Security Services

Your Security Is Our #1 Concern

Personal and Professional Protection with specialized services to fit your needs.

ZAP Investigations & Protective Services offers security guards and patrol services. If you, your property, or your business is looking for protection or security guards, consider ZAP. We give you the protection and security you deserve. Our guards can ensure your goods and property stay safe when they're at risk.

We are located in Solano County and cover the entire Northern California region.

We provide:

  • Standing and Patrol Services
  • Armed and Unarmed Guards
  • Protection for Special Events, Shopping Malls, Commercial Buildings, Bank Drops, Hotels, Gated Communities, and Construction Sites.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Protection
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

If you feel at risk, a security guard, patrol person, or sentry could dissuade would-be criminals and keep order in your property. A guard is still the best deterrent, during the day or overnight. Our company dispatches guards to a wide variety of different locales and venues. Armed or unarmed security guards are a fearsome barrier to would-be violators of your venue, building, or business. Trust ZAP to keep you safe, regardless of the time or place. A good guard is affordable and worth it when you work with ZAP. We can respond to your unique needs and concerns.

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We accept all forms of Major Credit Cards and payment plans can be arranged to suit your budget and needs.

Private Investigation

We have the experience and knowledge to bring your particular situation to a successful conclusion professionally and confidentially.

We are located in Solano County and cover the entire Northern California region. We are licensed to work outside of the state if necessary.

Our staff has been trained to operate in potentially dangerous situations. Our operatives are highly trained in creating accurate detailed reports, providing you the information you need. We offer mobile and static surveillance services for both overt and covert assignments. Photographic and video surveillance is a method employed to obtain evidence, documentation of fraud or marital infidelity, as well as confirming the identity of a missing loved-one; video surveillance can help to ascertain if an individual is injured or involved in illicit activities. This is essential corroboration of the individual under investigation. You will receive a daily update of any/all activities that may have occurred during the day of surveillance. Upon conclusion of the assignment a complete written report of the investigation will be prepared and available to you upon receipt of final payment.

Missing Persons
Using information that you provide, including cell phone numbers, driver license, social security, vehicle registration, etc., enables us to begin locating your loved one. Modern computer techniques make tracing lost friends or relatives easier. Our computer forensics specialists are able to utilize online databases, tracing services, public records and other methods that will enable us to locate the individual in question. Missing persons investigations are dealt with on a confidential basis and are tailored to individual requirements. Our investigators will canvas neighborhoods, circulate missing person posters, and register your loved ones with various online 'missing persons' registry services. Investigators will keep in touch with you informing you of progress made as well as keeping you involved with the decision making process.

Insurance Fraud
Insurance fraud can cause significant loss to companies and individuals. If an employee or visitor to your company claims to have been injured on your premises, immediate surveillance of the claimant can provide objective evidence to prove or disprove the disability.

Personal Protection
We can provide personal protection for you, your family or business associates. We can design a program to fit your particular need and situation that will provide security and safety. We can provide personal escorts as well as surveillance for your home or business.

Our services also include matrimonial investigations, skip tracing, background checks and much more. Call or email us if you have any questions - we're glad to help.

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We accept all forms of Major Credit Cards and payment plans can be arranged to suit your budget and needs.